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22 Digital marketing trends for 2022

Digital marketing trends are nothing new. Every marketer writes from an experienced perspective. This is wisdom and insights from an 18 year experience in online marketing. Kindly read, enjoy, like, comment, download and share. Discussions are as welcome as arguments. We hope you enjoy the paper. Happy reading!

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Presented By: Anil Kumar P.

References: Original Scholar Article.

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How to use search trends to fortify your 2023 DM strategy

The year that went by was full of turmoil - going out of the pandemic (read that as two years of restrictions and lockdowns), the war in Ukraine and a downtrend, rising inflation and dwindling personal finances. Search trends indicate a rosier story but conversion...

September 2022 core update – Swings your way?

Read time: 6 minutes

Will the September 2022 broad core update swing SERPs badly? What do you think?

Link building strategy – Blockers and enablers

Read time: 12 minutes

Your link building strategy can derail if not built with care. Understand the blockers and enablers in the process.

Understanding helpful content update and aligning your content

Read time: 10 minutes

Understanding the helpful content update is no rocket science. It is like filling up a questionnaire, but in what context? And, what you should do to align with it.

Google’s ‘helpful content’ update – What needs done?

Read time: 9 minutes

Google’s helpful content update is much-needed effort to weed out unnecessary toxins from search results across the internet.

Why score marketing leads?

Read time: 7 minutes

Scoring marketing leads is not an easy task. However, a little bit of effort will take your marketing and business to a different level. It is a growth hack that you cannot ignore.

SEO for beginners  – A bird’s-eye-view

Brief, unnecessary history Search Engine Optimisation is a common enough term almost anyone online understands. However, this article is an eagle's eye-view on SEO for beginners. SEO has been there for ages. According to multiple online sources, the acronym ‘SEO’ was...

Creating an Omnichannel Marketing Campaign – 6 keys to success

Today’s internet population suffers from data deluge and is social-media driven. This means, as a marketer, you need to run omnichannel marketing campaigns to ensure that every customer touch-point communicates a branded and holistic message in your marketing...

Impactful blog – How to write one?

Read time: 7 minutes

Why create impactful blogs? They make all the difference in readership and with it, content marketing works in tandem.

Search intent optimization – A complete guide

Read time: 17 minutes

Did you know that search intent optimization is more important than search engine optimization. Are you taking care of it?

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