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Fill conversion gaps with videos

Any buying experience is a 2-way street. Video marketing holds your end of the street being a conversational medium. Would you prefer to speak to the sales chap or just peek at a website and buy something worthwhile? Having a great website is one thing, and communicating with a visitor is quite another. A well-planned video marketing strategy helps bridge the communication gap easily.

video marketing

Talk to your visitors!

We make real world deals across the table. The online world may look lopsided in that respect. Video marketing is great at filling the communication gap. Videos speak louder than pictures! Agree?

Video marketing converts best !

Videos can make you some serious revenue when executed with a good video marketing strategy. A product video on the landing page increases conversions by over 80%, which means video marketing improves sales. Analytics show that over 75% viewers who watched a YouTube marketing video or on-site video about your product or service bought it, eventually.

An analysis of marketing data shows that 83% claim video marketing comes with good ROI. Video production is not the easiest or the cheapest task, but it pays off big time. There are many tools out there that have brought down the cost and the resources in recent times.

The good news is that your videos need not be picture perfect, your video marketing or YouTube markting strategy needs to be. It’s always the content that matters!

Why video marketing?

Holistic business approach

Video marketing content should be produced in coordination with all departments in an actionable and a measured manner.

Video marketing funnel strategy


Like any other marketing function, video marketing also needs to have goals, measurable and convertible ones. Every stage of the marketing funnel is important, and creating a video for each one of them is critical. However, plan and decide which part of the funnel needs focus.

Viewer awareness

Creating awareness is more like defining the problem. In broader terms, a viewer should realize that a problem exists. Most of them should be the first time viewers and we should aim the video at creating awareness and building the brand.

Viewer consideration

The viewer now considers your product, or service, is an answer to his bespoke problem. If he or she thinks it is, they would look for reviews, recommendations or comparing prices. At this stage of the buying funnels, the video should speak about comparisons and USPs.

Viewer decision-making

Time to produce the pudding – proof that your product or services give the maximum customer satisfaction. At the decision-making stage, your brand should be at the top of the customer’s mind and the video should talk about “why choose us”?

Helps Google index better

An engaging video on your website means 53X more chances that you are indexed better on search engines. Video markeitng boosts your SEO efforts.

Boost your SEO with video marketing


55% of online population under the age of 55 years prefer video as the prime form of content for businesses. So, the demand for videos is high and more and more businesses are opting for video marketing. If you are, ensure that you have a fool-proof video marketing strategy in place. Spraying and praying never helped any marketer.

Enhanced messaging

The video marketing funnel has two notches. One is to get the viewers to watch your content, and the other is to ensure that the content delivers the message as intended. Consumers watching videos retain 95% of the messages while textual messages have 10% retention.

Analytics and ROI

Return on investment or ROI is the primary factor that drives a video marketing strategy. Videos are expensive compared to text, however, their ROI is also fantastic. 88% of marketers claim they get best ROI on video marketing besides improvement in website traffic.

Videos and search engine optimization

SEO is the key driver of all digital marketing. SEO helps with traffic, lead generation, branding and conversions. Search engines index a webpage that integrates a video better and higher and has over 53% more chances of getting on the first page. And, that is a home run for the SEO function.

Video builds trust

Video marketing builds trust, the foundation of conversions and sales. Interesting and useful information always compels people to buy.

Build trust through video marketing

Build a brand story video

As in any other marketing function, video marketing also needs a foundation to stand and deliver. Create cornerstone videos of your brand identity, brand voice, mission, and goals. The viewers would like to know why your brand exists and why should they invest in it. Be authentic and truthful.

Behind-the-scenes videos

People behind the product or service are very important and getting their ideas on video will add a personal touch to your video marketing campaign. Why people love working with the brand, how is it special and how they create customer-centricity are a few video ideas that work wonders.

Customer videos

Reviews and testimonials play a major role in purchase decision-making. Creating customers’ testimonial videos showcasing their experience with the brand is a great way to build your brand and trust using video marketing.

Showcase expertise

Creating in-depth videos that talk about the latest in industry and how they can change lives, or about the brand’s expertise in understanding customer needs, thought leadership interviews and other ideas will not only build your brand but also customer trust.

Better explained products

Videos help better explain your products, services and their features. In that respect, video marketing helps customers make informed decisions.

Video is more effective than text

Viewer engagement

There is no better way to capture eyeballs than moving pictures. Therefore, videos are here to stay and only they can elicit emotional responses and bond with a deep connection with viewers. On social media, they get about 12X more shares than images and text. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Website traffic

Video marketing is great for SEO. Because of their deep involvement with viewers, clicks are imminent and you will get over 40% more traffic to your website. Landing pages with videos convert the best and search engines will rank your webpage higher as they are a ranking factor.

Brand recall

Because of the staining factor that videos come with, your brand recall in the customer’s mind is on the top and that helps your business clock more sales. Video marketing, when executed with an excellent strategy, can enhance your brand and drive more customers.

Improve buying intent

Video marketing, when planned well as a cadence, can help push customers through the marketing funnel on to the sales funnel with ease. It is a known fact that over 70% of customers will buy your product or service, now or in the future, after they watch your brand video.

Elements to keep in mind

Tell your story

Sales centered video marketing puts off viewers. Always create a story around your product or service, address USPs or needs, but don’t sell.

Create a story and touch hearts

Customer challenges

Every movie begins with a challenging situation or action [a.k.a James Bond stuff]. Create interest in customers with challenges related to your product or service. This always works, be it in the movies or real life, personal or professional life.

Be Original

Do not copy a competitor’s story. Get fresh perspectives. If required, hire a scriptwriter on freelance and ensure that you are not a part of the pack, but stand out. Shed all inhibitions like fear etc. and take motivation from some best advertisements available on YouTube marketing videos.

Address emotions

Depending on your product or service, appeal to viewer ’ emotions. Imagine your parents in china receiving flowers and chocolates for their marriage anniversary, or your daughter in the hostel getting her most sought after laptop. Use comedy, anger, surprise, tears, but use emotions.


Storytelling begins with a problem definition [viewer’s challenge], repercussions of the problem, and a satisfactory resolution. Follow this golden rule to create interesting and awesome video marketing campaigns.

Honesty is the best policy

Do not overdo the video by promising the moon. Promise only what you can deliver or what your product or service can do. The persuasion you have created will go out of the window if you do not deliver. In fact, promise less and deliver more. Repeat and rinse.

Humor converts

Make sure that videos are not boring. Use custom humor in the funnel and ensure that you make the point on a lighter note. People love fun brands.

Laughter is the best medicine

 Fun engages and keeps people engaged

You may already know that most commercials debut at the Super Bowl. And, people who don’t watch the game, they surely want to see the ads. Did you know that over 40 million people searched for this Alexa video on YouTube? Why? Just to watch it?  Watch and estimate how many conversions happened. Fun can really stretch your brand.

People like fun and fun brands

Eyeball-grabbing and entertaining videos will brand you better, but humorous ones improve comprehension of the message, evoke positive emotions for the brand, which improves purchase intent drastically. So, humor works wonders, keep in mind. However, don’t overdo it, keep in mind the domain and branding.

Timing is critical

Humor may sell best, however, it is important to keep in mind that your video marketing strategy moves through various stages of marketing and sales funnels and depending on the content, humor needs customization. What to use and where to use depends on your brand, product, or service you offer.

Humor as a medicine

The intent of most video marketing strategies is to engage viewers, capture eyeballs and improve the purchase intent. To this aim, please ensure humor does not overpower your brand messaging and customize it to your prospect and audience demographics. Not everyone likes everything!

Come to the point

The first 5 to 7 seconds will decide if a customer will watch your video to the end. Jump to the point and ensure that it is compelling enough to be watched.

Keeping the viewers glued

Introduction has to stand out

Similar to how we do not click on emails if the subject doesn’t catch the eye, a viewer will go away if the video doesn’t interest him in the first 5 seconds. So, an excellent introduction is vital to your videos. It should be informative, inspiring, and entertaining to help the viewer watch it fully.

Title should stimulate

The title should not only integrate the keywords, it should also stimulate the viewer’s grey cells and create curiosity. The title of your video is the first cog in the video marketing wheel. If you can hit it home, you have got the game right in your hands. Tickle your brain.

Focus should be on the mission

People don’t enjoy watching advertisement because they overtly promote the product. In video marketing, you are not exactly advertising, so focus on the mission of the product, the problem and how the product or service resolves it to satisfaction.

Don’t be boring

Does anyone at home watch boring videos? Exciting videos are the key to video marketing. Just a little Risqué may add the much needed spice to your video. Don’t go overboard, keep branding in mind, always.

Mobile friendly

Mobile devices are the most used today for watching videos. If you looking at YouTube marketing, your video should be mobile friendly. Your video has to be enjoyable and downloadable on a mobile device. This is critical to your video marketing strategy.

Informative content

Informative video will keep viewers asking for more. Your video marketing sytrategy should be focused on involving viewers and establishing your brand.

Information is helpful

The search angle

How many times do we Google in a day? Multiple times, isn’t it? So are your prospects or customers, which is a good thing. And, most of them are looking for information they need. If you can provide the right information at the right time, convincingly, what can you expect? Conversion? You nailed it.

Informative or ‘how to’ videos

Also known as educational videos, informative videos are a perfect fit in any video marketing strategy. Be it YouTube marketing or any other channel that you use, these videos are perfect for bonding with viewers. In short, if you are answering a question, you got one in the favor bank. You know how that works, don’t you?

Brand authority

When you answer the audience question through your video marketing content, you are stamping the brand authority and the viewer will remember your brand for some time because you are taking the pain out of a complex topic. You are showcasing expertise and thus building brand authority.

The marketing funnel

Informative videos can fit anywhere in the marketing or the sales funnel because they answer questions and curiosity. And people will ask for more. Does that improve conversion rates? Of course, yes, no one forgets genuine help, also known as the favour bank.

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