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How to use search trends to fortify your 2023 DM strategy

The year that went by was full of turmoil - going out of the pandemic (read that as two years of restrictions and lockdowns), the war in Ukraine and a downtrend, rising inflation and dwindling personal finances. Search trends indicate a rosier story but conversion...

Omnichannel marketing is the future

Read time: 5 minutes

Omnichannel marketing is the future of digital. It creates unified customer experiences that are highly convertible.

Email marketing in 2022 – 8 new ideas to boost open rates

Read time: 7 minutes

Email marketing in 2022, in practice, should consider changed customer preferences, and buying behavior to evolve, become effective, engage and deliver.

Content marketing in 2022 – 6 new ideas

Read time: 5 minutes

Content marketing in 2022 is about a few new ideas and trends that will take your content marketing to the next level. Ensure quality and best practices.

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