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The consulting edge

You may have the best talent working for your marketing function. However, external inputs from an experienced digital marketing consultant can help you think out of the box and create new possibilities and avenues to skyrocket your growth.

Marketing is not a timetable, it is continuous innovation.

A marketing consultant drives relevant results

Website traffic is not about numbers, it is about relevant traffic and maximizing conversions. More traffic will not help unless it is relevant. It is not about growing website traffic; it is about growing relevant traffic. Most businesses measure marketing success by traffic numbers and conversion percentages, while a marketing consultant measures it on conversion rates and relevance.

Are those the right metrics?

If not, it is time to change the way you look at your data!

We measure it after deep analytics, in terms of relevant traffic and conversions. We can arrive at deep analytics with the help of AI.

Is your team measuring traffic or prospects?

marketing consultant

Which is the focus area? And which visitors will you focus on?

Our team of effective marketing consultants can offer amazing insights into your traffic data, helping you to convert better through right focus and strategies. These insights deal with your relevant traffic and they will also guide you on tweaking your marketing strategy to attract the right prospects.

What a consultant can do?

Marketing can get overwhelming. A marketing consultant can help.

Brand strategy consulting

We help you create an outstanding brand and brand assets through consumer perception analysis, business trends, competition and product value.

The branding process

We have been branding a lot of online businesses since 2002, followed up by a workable, bespoke digital marketing strategy which has worked for many clients. Slowly but steadily, we have built a team of branding professionals who work from your end of the table with a 100% ownership of success.

Strategic marketing, sales experience and finances are a major part of team credentials. They understand your holistic branding needs before chalking out a practical and cost-effective strategy for success.

We first gather relevant marketing data, do incisive competition research and identity consumer markets. The data collected is further filtered and processed for outcomes on business trends, competition analysis, product value and consumer perceptions of your brand.

The next step is to understand your marketing goals, discuss and tweak as required, and develop an overall brand strategy. The affected pieces in the current scenario could be packaging and logo design, placement, pricing, SEM campaigns, and customer service. Inputs on brand positioning, we can plan advertising mediums and distribution with customer demographics in mind.

Besides consulting, we also execute branding strategies with utmost care and in a stipulated budget.

SEO consulting

Organic rankings are critical to every business. SEO, thus, is an important marketing initiative that needs a few semi-technical skills to manage.

SEO isn't working?

Search engines and their interpretation of keywords changes every day. Organic ranking is a major goal, however, we understand that is not the only one. The aim is to generate more business through search engine optimization practices, so the endgame is to sell. We, as SEO consultants, walk the extra mile to ensure that establishing a brand and ranking in keywords converts to sales. As SEO marketing consultants, we offer:

  • Audit, rectify, or create a workable and effective SEO strategy, in line with past marketing efforts and budgets.
  • Organic search management and analytics using pure white-hat SEO practices.
  • Plan and deploy goal-oriented campaigns for best rankings and business.
  • Bring over 17 years of SEO experience to work on your side of the table.
  • Focus on customers and traffic and not on search engines to ensure best conversion rates from organic traffic.

As SEO consultants, we bring a few out-of-the-box methodologies mixed with proven strategies and our experience that has worked well in the past. We also execute SEO strategies after due discussion and customizing them for your business.

SMM consulting

SMM creates, monitors and enhances brand awareness for small businesses owners through social media platforms. Build a sociable brand.

Social media is no stranger!

Social media marketing has been around for a few years and is one of the best tools to brand your business and engage your customers creatively and easily. Managing your social media marketing efforts could seem easy, but you will get only as many results. SMM is as complicated and not as easy as it seems unless you want to just skim the surface. To make the most of it, you will need some SMM consulting services. We have been there and done that ever since social media was born. We offer:

  • Building and creating SMM strategies after our audit, for your business with a focus on most important platforms.
  • Create comprehensive competition analysis to ensure that you are doing your best.
  • Isolating, strategising and planning influencer marketing practices.
  • Social community building and monitoring policies.
  • Content deployment on social media and strategies to use content to drive prospects.

We offer comprehensive help on social media management as above and besides, talk to our in-house social media marketing consultant to execute your social media strategies after due discussion and planning.

Strategy consulting

Taking your business to the next level is easier with DM strategy consulting. Revamp and audit your marketing processes continuously for best value.

Holistic digital marketing strategy

 As digital marketing consultants, we leverage your existing business model to delve deep and find the market potential. The next step would be to create a complete digital marketing strategy that will enable you to achieve your business goals. As consultants, we will:

  • Evaluate existing digital marketing strategy including SEO, SEM, SMM and email marketing, and audit them to ramp up results.
  • Look deeply into branding aim and ensure that it resonates best with customers and prospects.
  • Audit and improve customer engagement and conversation to the best levels.
  • Check and improve synergies between marketing initiatives and platforms used like blog, SEO, SMM and others.
  • Guide existing marketing team on better management of email marketing, local marketing and other initiatives.
  • Keep a close eye on analytics using various tools like heat maps and other to ensure consistent growth and engagement.
  • Find new business opportunities and markets besides engaging with present customers and prospects for feedback and suggestions.

Our expertise in digital marketing consulting is very long and a fruitful one. As a marketing consultant, we also ensure that your business leverages online marketing to the hilt. Besides consulting, we also offer execution plans that can come into the picture after discussions.

There is no going wrong when you embrace experience. Along with a team, it pays to have a marketing consultant.

SEM consulting

Paid search can be as effective as it can be a pain. The need for SEM consulting is critical because not everyone has the expertise to spend money wisely.

PPC Ads leaking money?

Paid search is a difficult monster to make sense of. The intricacies and domain-based factors need to be balanced with great care to get the best bang for your buck. The confusing and time-consuming management of paid search engine marketing is best left to experts. If you are looking to maximize your ROI on PPC, SEM consulting is your best bet. As a part of our digital marketing consulting services, we offer best AdWords strategies to:

  • Decrease in PPC costs without changing the results through proper planning and audit of present campaign scenario.
  • Maintain your click volumes, all the while cutting your spend by as much as 33%.
  • Improved number of impressions while decreasing CPC by as much as 20%.
  • Ad group CTR improvements through optimized text ads, growth rates up to 200% or more.
  • Improve average Quality Scores to around 7 of 10 that can reduce CPC by over 40%, keeping the conversion volumes constant.

We have some excellent experience in SEM consulting and have helped many clients bring out the best in PPC advertising. Besides SEM consulting, we also undertake execution contracts at affordable rates.

Content marketing consulting

Content marketing is not about writing and publishing on a WordPress blog or social media. It is about getting the most eyeballs for your content.

Content is king!

Content marketing helps get more people to see your content, engage them with an intention of converting into customers soon. Your content needs to be spot-on with information, engagement, and the best ingredients for your niche. Content marketing consulting is thus the need of the day since most businesses do not realize its importance. As content marketing consultants, we focus on:

  • Advice on content marketing tactics and planning it.
  •  Audit and assess your current content marketing efforts.
  • Strategise and plan content marketing initiatives to support your inbound marketing.
  • Advice on content creation, using keywords and creating a content marketing plan, besides blogging and social media practices.

We started off as a content creation and marketing agency in 2003 and the experience we have had over the years in various niches, domains and strategies has been profound. We intend to put it in use for you.

Besides content marketing consulting, we also offer content creation and marketing strategy execution strategies in various domains, including technology, retail and others.


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