Content marketing in 2022 – 6 new ideas

Content marketing in 2022 is about a few new ideas and trends that will take your content marketing to the next level. Ensure quality and best practices.

Written By Anil Kumar P.

On January 25, 2022

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Anil brings immense value to the digital marketing space as a techno-marketer with 30+ years of experience. He understands both eco-systems – technology and marketing. Digital marketing is the love of his life & he has been pursuing it for over 20 years. His other interests areas are Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Sustainable Technology and Coding.

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“Content is king” – repeat that in your mind a thousand times before you consider digital marketing. We estimate the yearly returns on content marketing at $42 billion and that figure is growing constantly, according to a statistical survey. Content marketing in 2022 is going to change the entire way we look at the process by integrating all kinds of content.

Your entire cradle of digital marketing rests on content and it is foundational raw material for all its processes. Content is the only ingredient of your digital marketing strategy that speaks to your customers and prospects, and without good quality content, you can kiss goodbye to all online leads.

This is the reason most businesses are focusing more on creating, distributing and monitoring good quality, relevant and valuable content. As obvious, when the right content reaches the right target audience, it helps grow your business besides making your business more findable on search engines.

So, good quality content is a two-pronged tool that enhances your SERP, besides being a tool to showcase your business in the right manner to attract customers.

Content should always address customer’s needs, problems and behavior after understanding them. Such content creates positive customer experiences and helps lubricate the buying journey.

If you are an existing business or a startup, we at efficaci recommend you to understand, follow these trends in content marketing going into 2022.

Relevant and persuasive content

Content marketing in 2022

This year, raise the bar on the quality of your content by focusing on getting your content in front of more people, improving customer retention and getting more followers. Your content should focus on improving trust, enhancing your brand, and improving brand recognition. Customer retention should also be the focus of this year. Use inclusive language and get into a story-telling mode to get repeat visitors to your website. 

Unless your content adds real value to a reader, it will not be impactful. Follow the golden rules of creating and impactful blog before distributing it.

User preferences and trends have changed because of the pandemic induced conditions and customers have become more sensitive to choosing the content they consume. So, content marketing in 2022 recommends constant updates to your website and enhancing customer experiences should be the aim.

Personalize the content

Focus on Account Based Marketing [ABM] by personalizing content for B2B accounts. This needs the sales and marketing teams to work in tandem. Fostering business relationships should be the focus and ABM will help build trust and brings long-term ROI, along with better branding and brand positioning.

Content marketing in 2022

Practice personalization across your omni-channel marketing strategy as and where applicable. It creates a bond with the user, engages him and, improves the chances of conversion.

Use more visuals

Content becomes more appealing and understandable when incorporated with visuals. Many of your readers may not have the time to consume textual content, so using good quality images and amazing videos can help them consume better. Visual content drives more participation, besides improving bounce rates.

Test takes time to read, understand and implement. Whereas images are easier to read and take no time. While videos are also time-consuming, they will consume less time than reading. Enable one way visual communication in your content.

The most important aspect of using images and videos is that a consumer is more focussed on visuals than text. Driving home a message is much easier using visual media. Content marketing in 2022 is going to see more and more use of visual assets integrated into content. 


More and more businesses are taking to podcasting, especially in the education niche. Podcasts do not need screen time from the reader and audio connects with the listener on a more personal plane. Audio highly involves and creates better understanding in the listener. 

Another advantage of podcasts is that they sell better depending on the voice, tone and emotions used. Owing to the pandemic, podcasts have become more effective and are being used widely today.  

We can easily deliver certain concepts, or theories that cannot be expressed in text using podcasts. Like videos, podcasts are very effective in showcasing expertise. So, making podcasts a part of your content marketing in 2022 will make it more effective and help create relationships.

AI integration

Content marketing in 2022

Artificial Intelligence has permeated most internet based apps and process and leveraging it can enhance your content marketing initiatives. Content marketing in 2022 will see artificial intelligence creating blogs for search engine optimization

AI will also become more prevalent in plagiarism and grammar check tools and will probably enhance your content marketing analytics. Artificial Intelligence will also angle better and relevant distribution of your content and facilitate it in various formats that hitherto take more time and resources.

Search engine optimization

When AI prevails in content marketing, search engine optimization will see great empowerment in terms of optimized blog posts and error-less content. Optimization becomes easier and will see a level of consistency. Of course, original content will always rank better and if it solves your reader’s quest or problems, it is even more valuable.


Visitor attention spans are minimal and they will see a downtrend with such abundant data. Following the trends we just discussed, it is only wise to implement them to stay head and ensure sustained growth. Content marketing in 2022 will change the barren internet landscape for the better.

Small fact: efficaci started out 18 years ago, albeit with a different name, in the content creation, curation, distribution and marketing niche. Understanding that content is critical to any digital marketing process, it remains our core strength.

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